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Nola, shorts for New Orleans, Louisiana born with the imprint of the city. Aim to bring the most authentic and fresh Cajun flavor seafood to the people.

Our founder--Tim was surprised by the special flavor of the Cajun crawfish when he first tried. He dreamed of introducing the most authentic and unique Southern American food to the people. Then, the first Nola seafood restaurant born in New York.

Tim has been engaged in the seafood industry for many years and has strict standards for the quality and pursuit of seafood. Tim has become the most critical “gatekeeper” of Nola quality and promises to bring the freshest seafood from the ocean to you. Experienced seafood chef from New Orleans and our secret recipe will make you enjoy the refreshing and amazing bite of Cajun flavor seafood.

We would love to bring southern comfort cajun taste and west coast flavor nationwide. Cajun flavor is inside our boiling and west flavor is outside, We bring both of them nationwide for the people to experience and visit us to join us in a family from south and west.

Our brand is created for you, and the story of Nola will be written by both of us.