How Much Is A Trout Fishing License In PA?

How Much Is A Trout Fishing License In PA? Fishing tackle

Getting a trout fishing license in Pennsylvania is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. While some people are concerned about the expense of obtaining a permit, there are ways to make the cost of a license easier on your wallet.


Buying a fishing license in Pennsylvania can be easy and convenient. You can purchase online, in person, or even on your smart device. You can also find a variety of discounts. These are designed to help anglers and support the state’s conservation efforts.

You can purchase a single-day or annual license. These are available to residents or non-residents. The latter is perfect for vacations or limited trips.

The license includes a trout permit. You can also buy a lake Erie permit if you want to fish there.

You can purchase a non-resident fishing license if you’re a student. You can qualify for this discount if you’re from out of state and have been a student in Pennsylvania for at least one year. You must be able to show proof of residence in Pennsylvania when you purchase the license.

You won’t need to get a PA fishing license if you’re an active-duty military member. You will, however, need to carry a military ID when you’re out fishing.

Pennsylvania’s Fish and Boat Commission is supported almost entirely by selling fishing licenses. These fees help fund conservation efforts and wildlife management programs. The funds are deposited into the state’s Fish Fund.

There are various options, including senior lifetime and lifetime POW licenses. In addition to these, you can get a Disabled Veteran License. Applicants must provide proof of their disability, including a valid ID.


Getting a fishing license in Pennsylvania is much easier than it used to be. Today, you can purchase one online or from several outlets. You may even receive a discount.

Aside from the usual license requirement, you may also need a special permit if you plan to fish on Lake Erie. The Lake Erie Permit is required if you plan to fish the Presque Isle Bay, Erie Lake, or any other lake section.

The most common way to buy a Pennsylvania fishing license is through a store or online. Some retailers, such as Walmart, offer discount fishing licenses for anglers on a budget.

The PFBC has the authority to set fees for a few years, so you may have to pay a few dollars more each year. But, if you are a bona fide resident, the PA fishing license is relatively inexpensive.

In Pennsylvania, you can even get a license at a reduced cost if you are a member of the National Guard or a veteran of the military. In addition to a discount, you may be eligible for a military waiver if you qualify.

Another good idea is to take advantage of free fishing days. These days are held during the summer months and allow you to try out the sport without spending a penny. These days are held on the 4th of July, May 29, and July 4. You will be required to adhere to a daily limit.


Whether you are a resident or not, you are required to have a Pennsylvania fishing license. The fee supports wildlife management programs that maintain and preserve healthy fish. You can buy your appointment online or in person at Walmart, sporting goods, or hardware stores.

You are eligible for various discounted fishing licenses if you are a resident. These include the Disabled Veterans License, the Prisoner of War (POW) License, and the Senior Resident Lifetime POW License. You may purchase these special permits online, by phone, or in person at a county treasurer’s office.

The best way to determine which Pennsylvania fishing license suits you is to read the state’s regulations. The rules vary by water. For example, if you live on Lake Erie, you’ll need to purchase an additional permit to fish there. Similarly, you’ll need a trout permit to fish in any other PA water.

If you don’t live in Pennsylvania, you can apply for a non-resident license. This is ideal for vacations or short trips. However, they can be much more expensive than a resident fishing license.

You can also get a special fishing license if you are a military veteran. The Disabled Veterans License is free if you are a fully-disabled veteran who is a Pennsylvania resident. Applicants will need to provide proof of their disability and a valid ID.

Exempt from military

Buying a Pennsylvania trout fishing license is necessary for anyone over 16. It applies to charters, guides, and non-residents. You can buy your request at local bait and tackle stores, hardware stores, and online.

The Pennsylvania fishing license requirement does not apply to active-duty military members. However, certain exceptions do apply. These include involuntary active duty recall, initial enlistments lasting more than five years, and involuntary National Guard duty.

The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission offers a Disabled Veterans License for eligible veterans. Applicants must provide a valid ID. They also must provide proof of residency.

Residents of the state may purchase reduced-fee resident fishing licenses. These are valid from December 1 through December 31 of the year following the year of application.

The Disabled Veterans License is free for resident veterans who are permanently disabled and whose physical condition prevents them from operating a conventional fishing device. This license is also available to resident veterans who are blind.

The commission recommends that anglers eligible for a military waiver display their military identification when fishing. The ID should be displayed in the same manner as a conventional fishing license.

In addition to the Disabled Veterans License, the Fish & Boat Commission offers a Senior Resident Lifetime POW license. These are free to residents of Pennsylvania. In addition to the senior resident permit, a former Prisoner of War (POW) is also eligible for a reduced-fee POW license.

Fee adjustments

During a recent meeting, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Board of Commissioners discussed possible fee adjustments for fishing licenses and permits. The board approved a list of proposed fee changes for the 2023 licensing year and is now preparing for a public hearing on the adjustments.

The proposed increases would affect residents, non-residents, and tourists. The price of a fishing license would increase by $2.50 a year, and a resident trout permit would rise by $2.50 in 2023. The combination trout/Lake Erie permit would also increase by $5.

The PFBC expects to generate $1.5 million in revenue from these fee increases. Those revenues will go toward the Fish Fund, which supports fishing-related programs.

The PFBC operates on a «users pay-users benefit» system, whereby fishing licenses and boat registrations support the commission’s budget. The commission has been trying to find ways to diversify its funding. Currently, it is almost entirely funded by fishing license sales. However, the costs of health care, retirement, and other expenses have ballooned, and the commission must pay for these expenses.

The commission has made a few attempts to diversify its funding, including an impact fee on the natural gas industry and an impact fee on the natural gas transportation industry. But it has had little success.

The commission recently received a significant boost when the state legislature gave it the authority to set its fees. The agency has received an additional $7.6 million in funds in the last two years to help shore up its reserve fund.

Getting a license

Getting a trout fishing license in Pennsylvania may be more complex than you think. There are several ways to obtain your consent, but you must be familiar with the rules and regulations.

The most obvious way to buy your license is to go online. You can also buy it in person from a sports store or licensed agent. These sales outlets are found throughout the state, from small bait shops to large sporting goods stores. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission even has an online licensing system for anglers who do not want to deal with retail.

Another good option is to go with a mobile app. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission recently introduced the FishBoatPA, an application that helps you navigate the state’s waters. The application also teaches you how to protect the state’s aquatic natural resources.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has also announced the launch of vouchers for 2023. This type of license is only available to residents and active-duty military personnel.

There are a variety of licenses to choose from, from a one-day to a 10-year lifetime fishing license. The cost of each will depend on your needs.

The most important thing to remember is that you will need a current license to fish legally. If you are not, you could face a fine of up to $75.

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